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Sort Sol at SPOT 09 – part of international plan April 2, 2003
Sort Sol - The Black Sun wants to shine
on the intermational market.
SPOT 09 is known as the festival launching new bands who are about to break or just recently had their break through. With Sort Sol on the programme for SPOT 09 on 30 – 31 May, in Aarhus, it is the first time for the festival to present an already steady-going and well-established, successful band – not too much said of the Copenhagen-based veterans, who have existed for more than 25 years.

Over the years, the SPOT Festival has become perhaps the most important venue/meeting point in Denmark/Scandinavia for international A&R’s, managers etc. Universal Music, record company of Sort Sol, and DKB-Motor, the band’s managers, would like to take advantage of SPOT 09 as a showcase for launching the band and their extensive back catalogue.

Besides Sort Sol, the bands Spleen United, Mevadio and Lillystones have signed up, and the programme of this year’s SPOT 09 is now complete concerning the musical events (apart from the winner of, who will be selected at a later date).
All in all, SPOT 09 will present 68 musical acts during the two days in May – and in addition to this, we will soon publish the panel discussions and lectures taking place at SPOT 09.


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