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Pre-SPOT: Germany - Scandinavia April 29, 2003
Lately, there has been an increasing interest in Danish and Scandinavian music south of the border, and several clubs and organizers have opened their doors to the Scandinavian sound. To further enhance the German interest in Danish music, ROSA has – in co-operation with The Danish Cultural Institute and Voxhall – arranged an evening with three German bands; Tocotronic, Slut and TigerBeat – as a pre-SPOT arrangement on May 29.

At this occasion, a number of German representatives from the music industry and the medias
will be invited to join both the pre-SPOT concert and SPOT 09.

The aim is to introduce newcomers of the German rock scene and to create personal and professional music contacts between Scandinavia and Germany.

This also applies to ROSA’s Skand-All initiative – which consist of prolonged weekends with concerts at clubs and venues, in-store jobs at records stores and afternoon jobs at universities, primarily in Hamburg. So far, The Defectors, Nephew, The Broken Beats, Figurines, Under Byen and Powersolo have enjoyed the growing interest in Scandinavian music – e.g. in the form of invitations for festival jobs and concerts in other German cities.

Skand-All continue their work and their presentation of new Nordic music in Germany. ROSA also continue their general support for Danish bands with inernational concert potential. The improvement of broad, but concrete networking and professional connections is very important for Danish music with international ambitions.

The arrangement at Voxhall is also held in return for the support, Denmark was given in 2000 by German organizers and the medias in Hamburg, when ROSA presented Mew, Dicte, Bjørn Svin, Opiate, Future 3, Dj360 and Blue Foundation in cooperation with The Danish Cultural Institute, The Danish Jazz Federation and MIC.

VoxHall, Thursday 29 May - 20.00. Tickets: DKR 115 (+ fee). Pre-sale: E-billet and BilletNet.

Please notice: The first 200 guests holding 2 day tickets for SPOT 09 is admitted free of charge this evening.

Tocotronic - from german to english textures.
Only few outside Germany had ever heard of Tocotronic before their latest CD ”K.O.O.K.”; all preceding albums had German lyrics. But this bunch of self-made, desperate, romantic dreamers were caught by the urge to expand their territory and had ”K.O.O.K.” translated and re-recorded from the original German version. While other countries now have started to take an interest in this Hamburger-rock, the German buyers have voted the band to the top of the charts. Dark rock with life-nerve.

Tigerbeat - hardworking rock'n'rollers.
Tigerbeat can be found in the borderland between garage and rhythm’n’blues and they are very conscious not to sound like ”all the others”. To avoid being predictable, the Hamburg-based band has dumped the bass – foundation and depth is made up by keyboards and guitars instead. This formula seems to work - so claims the audience that have heard Tigerbeat playing support to Gallon Drunk, Man or Astroman? and others. A steady tour band, that sacrifices themselves on stage and has made even Jon Spencer listen.

Slut - rock from the castle.
Slut from Ingolstadt can celebrate their eighth anniversary this year – with a history of refining and elaborating their melancholy expression that consist of a solid guitar-wall and compact drumbeats. One might think, that the band members are connected to each other by musical telepathy – maybe due to the fact that they have been living together for years in a rented castle with room for their studio. Slut have played in both Scandianavia, Schwitzerland and the Benelux countries.